The UP owner spent 400 days to make an open-source font “Proud Black”, free of charge for everyone

On November 15, the UP owner “oooooohmygosh” of Station B announced that it had made an open source font, making everyone free of charge.

This font is jointly developed by the UP owner and “atelierAnchor Dock”, which is a design firm focusing on fonts and graphics.

They said that this is a narrow italic font that seeks a balance between humanistic perception and geometric features, and complies with the SIL Open Font License 1.1 Open source protocol. This font will be updated and maintained for a long time, and there are plans to add regular and bold fonts.

I hope that the results of our efforts over the past year can bring some new vitality to the font community. The open-source font of the style “Proud Black” has never been used before, and will certainly be widely used. But it should only be a starting point, and we would like to see some really high-quality fork versions emerge.

Open source fonts can not only be commercially available for free, but you can also re create and release a font of your own based on its source code. However, the open source font protocol needs to be followed.



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