A rebellious genius, Gaultier, a French palace level fashion designer

Gaultier, a French fashion designer at the palace level, is willing to innovate and is known as the “fashionable old urchin”!

His clothes can break through the boldest imagination and can be called the pioneer of fashion industry! He can find inspiration in various elements such as classicality, customs, national customs, stories, landscapes, etc. He has an endless stream of ideas in his mind!

His innovation is also reflected in his audacity! Madonna’s tapered bra made her famous in the first battle! He can design a feather suit, a fish scale suit, a shell skirt, and a metal suit. He is a king of brains!

He proudly declared, “Don’t look for patterns in my works, it’s impossible“

French design circles call him a “rebellious genius”!

In 2007, Gaultier’s Spring and Summer Gaoding series show was a classic show that the fashion industry could not miss! It can be called Gaultier’s “divine work”!

As Mueller said, all perfect things at this moment are the result of innovation.



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